Board of Directors

We proudly introduce the dedicated leaders steering our organization towards excellence in dermatological practice, education, and research. Our board comprises esteemed professionals who bring a wealth of expertise, experience, and commitment to advancing skin health and dermatological science in Puerto Rico. Meet the visionaries who are driving innovation and upholding the highest standards in dermatology, ensuring our community receives top-notch care and our members are supported in their professional growth.

  • Amarylis Rosado Rodríguez, MD – President
  • Marely Santiago Vázquez, MD – Vice-President
  • Dianne Carrasquillo Bonilla, MD – Secretary
  • Lymarie Aguila González, MD – Treasurer
  • Rocio Cardona Muñoz, MD – Representative
  • Diannette Vazquez Dueño, MD – Representative
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